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I’ve never been a fan of resumes because they only share the best moments of one’s career. What about the times when things didn’t go well? When you found your back against the wall? What did you do then? How did you perform at those times?

Aren’t these the questions that really matter when considering someone for your team?

From this perspective, online profiles like LinkedIn and others aren’t any better … so how should we share our business experiences?  I’ve been asking people this questions for several years now, with few answers until a lunch meeting with Trey Grayson one warm summer day in May 2016.

His answer was the best idea I’d heard in more than 2 years of asking that question.  His response, “Everyone should have a wiki page.  I know you have to be pseudo-famous to be on Wikipedia, but really everyone could have one.  Allowing others to comment/edit provides a much richer, fully picture of people; and it’s hard to bullshit when everyone can see it/comment on it/edit it.”

Bam … it was like a light bulb.  We all have LinkIn profiles telling how great we are.  We all have Facebook pages highlighting the best moments of our lives/vacations/kids.  If our great-grandparents were to see us through the online profiles we keep, they’d assume everyone lived the most blessed lives that have ever existed in the history of the world.

Therefore, I have deleted all my profiles and created a wiki.  So I hope over time this wiki will become a truer [is that a word 🙂 ] reflection of me than all those professional profiles & resumes ever could.

Click here to go to Square Joe Smith’s wiki … and if you know me, share your thoughts, over the next few months I expect this to become the story of my life!

And feel free to be brutal, I’ve certainly had some downright bonehead moments -and- it’s those mistakes that gave me the wisdom I have today … however little wisdom that may be?

Wishing You Many Blessings,
Square Joe Smith

P.S. I’ve left the wiki site open, so feel free to create your own wiki. Just do a search for yourself and click the red link to create your page. If there’s real interest, maybe we create a WikiHumans website for us normal folk.

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